ITrans to Unicode Translator

Here is an ITRANS to Unicode translator, written in Java. I (Ashish Banerjee) have yet to test it fully, so it should be taken as pre-alpha. Contact me for fixes by email : ashish [ at] The Java source code is available below.


ITRANS format was created by Avinash Chopde. You basically write in English like phonetics and get Devenagri output. Here is the map.

Sandeep Sibal has a beautiful Javascript ITRANS implementation called JTRANS. I did it in Java for Unicode reasons.

Type in the iTrans text box and press the translate button. The demo will work only if you have Java 1.5, Javascript and Unicode enabled on your browser. I have tested it on IE 6 and Firefox 1.0.6. Note the combinations are not fully tested.

Sanskrit :

iTrans :

Download the source code, under Apache Public License (APL). Yes its open source. KB)